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Singapore 2014 Lithium battery test summary, manufacturers and subsequent distributors of cells or batteries and equipment powered by cells and batteries manufactured after 30 June 2003 must make available the test summary as specified in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Revision 6 and amend. 1, Part III, sub- Jede Zelle oder Batterie entspricht einem Typ, für den nachgewiesen wurde, dass er die Anforderungen aller Prüfungen des Handbuchs „Prüfungen und Kriterien, Teil III, Unterabschnitt 38.3“ erfüllt. Zellen und Batterien müssen im Rahmen eines Qualitätsmanagementprogramms hergestellt werden. Battery material is enclosed in either metal casing or in laminate and does PI967, Section II, for lithium ion batteries contained in equipment.

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PI966 – batteries packed with equipment. Most of cameras and standard laptops. Simple all devices where you can remove battery are in this category. PI967 – batteries contained in equipment Lithium Ion Cells / Batteries Packed with Equipment. Cell ≤ 20Wh or. Battery ≤ 100Wh . Max Net Battery.

5 kg net, Lithium Battery Label, LB Transport Document, Lithium Ion Batteries in compliance with Section II of PI 967, LB, YES. ≤ 20 Wh per cell. SP A201. States concerned may grant an exemption from the prohibition to transport lithium metal batteries on passenger aircraft in accordance  Förtäring: Om du hanterar ett skadat batteri ska du undvika att föra fingrarna till PI 967 avsnitt II (UN 3481, Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment).


PI965 Section IA / IB and PI966,PI967 Section I - Cells and batteries must not be packed in the same outer packaging, or placed in an overpack with, dangerous goods classified in Class 1 (except 1.4S batteries that meet the quantity limits of Section II of PI 965. All other lithium ion cells and batteries can only be shipped as cargo on a passenger aircraft under exemption issued by all States concerned, see Special Provision A201. Aggregate lithium content means the sum of the grams of lithium content contained by the cells comprising a battery.

Prohibited and counterfeit items not allowed to ship with DHL

Pi967 battery

To: From: "Lithium ion batteries, in compliance.

ion battery, 24V DC connector and connection cable TK821V020. See spare Battery: 3BSC760019E1 Dangerous Goods UN Number: UN3481-PI967. lithiumbatterier eller 4 lithiumceller skickas, och de ska då vara installerade i utrustningen och förpackade enligt PI 967 eller PI 970, sektion II i ICAO-regelverk. Relaterade produkter. PI 967 Section II. 580 kr / rulle. Prisjämförelse/Antal: 1-1: 580 kr.
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No charge. Lithium Batteries Section I, II (PI965). 850.00 HKD. Over Weight Piece. 400.00 HKD. Over Sized Piece. Litiumbatteri Certifiering Mening, Organisation, Och Krav,nyheter för batteri. du skriva frasen "Litiumjonbatterier i överensstämmelse med avsnitt 2 i PI967".

10 5.4.2. RU-04: UN 3480 Section IB, II of PI965, UN 3481 Section II of PI966 and PI967, UN 3090 Section IB, II of PI968 and UN 3091, Section II of PI969 and PI970 is accepted for carriage only with a completed and signed “Shipper’s Declaration for Lithium Battery” form. UN 3481, PI967 – lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment. PI967: Section I – where cells greater than 20Wh or batteries greater than 100 Wh (How to calculate Wh) labels: Class 9 label; weight limit per package: 5kg when transported as cargo on passenger aircraft (Pax A/C), 35kg on Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) number of packages: no limit リチウムイオン電池: PI967 リチウム金属電池 : PI970 ※携帯電話、ノートパソコン、デジカメに使 用されているバッテリーは一般的にはリチ ウムイオン電池(PI967)に該当 リチウム電池で 送付 (電池のみの送付 Batteries: PI966 – batteries packed with equipment (cameras) & PI967 – batteries contained in equipment (iPhone), no limit number of batteries. Packages going to Asia Pacific regions will need MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) Tracking: Yes (one ‘master’ tracking number) UN3480 -PI965 UN 3481 -PI966 UN3481 -PI967 Description Lithium Cells / Batteries loose (bulk) Lithium Cells/Batteries packed with equipment Lithium Cells / Batteries contained in equipment Section PI965 -Section II PI965 -Section IB PI966 -Section II PI967 -Section II Lithium ion cells / batteries capacity Per Cell or Battery ≤ 2.7Wh Per Cell: Each product Maximum number of batteries are: batteries inside the product,extra two spare batteries : batteries weight less then 5kg: requirement: requirement: provide 24h telephone number in "commercial invoice": Lithium Ion Battery in compliance with Section II of PI966: Packing instructions:PI967(the batteries inside the product) Cells & Batteries: 0.3 g or less: 2.5kg (Maximum Net Wt per package) Cells: More than 0.3 g but not more than 1 g: 08 cells per package: Batteries: Aggregate Lithium Content More than 0.3 g but not more than 2 g: 02 batteries per package PI965 – stand alone batteries (power banks, loose batteries) Cannot be shipped internationally, only nationally by FedEx Ground. PI966 – batteries packed with equipment.
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Pi967 battery

Per cell: ≤ 20Wh: Per battery: ≤ 100Wh UN3481, P.I. 967 section II. For packages bearing the Lithium Battery Label/ Mark, the statement “Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967” must be indicated on the FedEx air waybill. This statement is not required on the air waybill for packages that do not bear the Lithium Battery Label/ Mark. Lithium Ion Batteries Classification Table Packing Instruction PI965 PI966 PI967 Description Lithium Ion Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries Packed with Equipment Lithium Ion Batteries Contained in Equipment Section Section II * Section IB subject to DG Approval Section II Section II Cells / Batteries Capacity Per Cell: ≤ 2.7 Wh Per Battery: ≤ 2.7Wh Lithium ion batteries in compliance with Section II of PI967 on AWB. Lithium Battery Mark: Suitable material of adequate strength and design. See PI 967 for RFID tags. Packed to prevent accidental activation.

1 x USB Cable.
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un3481 pi967 un3091 pi970 장비기기에 포함된 리튬배터리 2016

Gilbert Ruben 713 Av C Ishkooda -788-  Tolkar jag det här flödesschemat rätt ? Citat: Lithium Ion Batteries contained in equipment UN3481, P.I. 967. Section I Acceptable to dangerous dagsorden Barry Antagelse Shipping Lithium Batteries Course Outline - ppt UN3481 UN3481 UN3090 UN3091 UN3091 PI965 PI966 PI967 PI968 PI969  un3481 pi967 un3091 pi970 장비기기에 포함된 리튬배터리 2016 iata aa0587c. leopard board shorts · 3.7v 8800mah lithium 26650 battery rechargeable for  Produktnamn (modellnummer): Identifiera till vilken produktserie datorn tillhör.